The third largest state in Malaysia is located in the central part of Malayan Peninsula and it is used as a crossroad for various Malaysian states.

Terengganu : A more traditional Malaysian State

Terengganu is a state in Malaysia in the westernmost part of the Malayan peninsula. It is governed by a Sultan. It is bordering only two states ¨C Pahang and Kelantan while one the east it has huge coastal area and borders with the South China Sea.

It covers a relatively small area (around 13.000 km) and it also has relatively small population (around one million people). Unlike other Malaysian states, Terengganu has a little bit more compact ethnic structure because 95% of the populations are Malayans, but is a significant Chinese community and smaller Indian and other communities. There is a significant number of people living in the rural areas and it is no wonder why agriculture is one of the most developed industries here.

South China Sea was very active during the ancient times and that¡¯s why Terengganu became very interesting for Chinese traders which started to settle in Terengganu although there were Malayan people living there. Since 18th century it became an independent Sultanate and over the years it was under Siamese rule and briefly under British rule. In 1957 it became part of the independent state of Malaya. As you can see Terengganu had a turbulent history influenced by many cultures.

Terengganu is rapidly developing because of the reserves of oil and gas that were found in the recent years, previously it was very poor and maybe that is one of the reasons why there were not many migrants here.

The lower number of migrants made place for Malayan culture to take its own course and it looks like people here accepted only the most interesting aspects of foreign cultures. For example flying kites is very popular and we all know that flying kites is part of the traditional Chinese culture. Once again because of the compact ethnic structure people here are a little bit more conservative and more religious compared to other parts of Malaysia but still they are not unfriendly toward strangers and lots of travelers have good time in Terengganu.

People who like sports can enjoy variety of sports events that take place here every year like ¨C Monsoon Cup (sailing competition), Horse races sponsored by the Sultan, Kapas-Marang international swimming marathon, Terengganu Masters ¨C Golf cup and lots of fishing and driving competitions.

Besides that, Terengganu has a lot of tourist attractions across the state like:

Perhentian Island ¨C A real diving paradise where you can explore the rich wildlife in the clear waters of the South China Sea.

Lake Kenyir ¨C This artificial lake is considered to be the largest man-made lake in Southeastern Asia. It is formed by more than 20 rivers and waterfalls and it is home to various types of exotic fishes.

China Town ¨C You can check how local Chinese community in Kuala Terengganu has preserved their culture for centuries.

Istana Maziah ¨C A royal palace with incredible Islamic architecture. The limestone and clay dominate the space.

Bukit Puteri ¨C This hill will allow you to get a perfect point of view to the city of Kuala Terengganu and the nearby amazing nature.