Perlis is known as the smallest state of Malaysia. It is located in the far northwest and it is only bordering Kedah state. But Perlis has international borders with two other provinces in Thailand – Satun and Songkhla. The closeness to Thailand has left some marks in the traditions and the way of life in Perlis.


Perlis covers an area of only 821 km2 and it has a population of 227.000 people. Although the population is very small it is ethnically diverse and 80% of them are Malays, 10% Chinese, 1% Indian and 9% others.

Throughout the history Perlis was part of different kingdoms. Most of the time it was part of the neighboring state Kedah, but it was few times under Aceh and Siam. In the 19th century and early 20th century the British intervened few times and Perlis was mostly protected by the British and managed to remain its status of a state. Instead of a Sultan like many other Malaysian states they have a monarch called Raja.

The main industry here is agriculture but that is exactly what makes Perlis beautiful. There is no pollution and the nature is well preserved. This place is ideal for those who look relaxation. Besides that Perlis has a lot to offer to the people that decide to come there.

Padang Besar – People who enjoy shopping will love this place. This town is located near the Thai border and a lot of people from both countries come here for shopping. You won’t find only local goods here; you can also find some branded items for a very low price. Remember that bargain is allowed and even encouraged in Pedang Besar’s Bazaar.

Kota Kayang Museum – This building has a long history. Starting from the early 19th century when it was a residence of a senior minister of the king it hosted a lot of important persons in Perlis history. Nowadays it is a state museum with lots of things to see.

Craft Cultural Comple – People who love souvenirs will love this complex. There are tons of handmade souvenirs like rattan baskets, ceramics, key chains and much more interesting items that present Perlis’s culture in a unique way.

Gua Kelam – This cave is one of the most popular caves in Malaysia. Gua Kelam stands for Cave of Darkness in Malayan. Local authorities have prepared this cave for tourists and you can take an organized tour in it and enter from one place and exit from another which is really interesting.

Kuala Perlis – This coastal town has a lot of ferry lines that can transport you to the famous Langkawi Island where you can enjoy the most beautiful Malaysian beaches. While you are there you can visit a restaurant and try some fresh sea food.

People of Perlis try to keep their old traditions and it is not unusual to see how ordinary people dance some traditional dances like Tarian Terinai (royal dance). They even have a traditional sport called Sepak Takraw which is very similar to volleyball but it is played with feet instead of hands. You can often see people in the villages playing this sport.