Perak is one of the largest and most populated states in Malaysia. It borders six Malaysian states and it also has an international border with Thailand (it is bordering Yala province in Thailand). It has a long coast on the Straits of Malacca. The highly developed economy makes it attractive for foreign workers and foreign investors too.

Perak: Hub Food Center

Perak has a population of 2.250.000 people living in an area of 21.000 km2. There are 55% Malays, 28% Chinese, 12% Indian and very few other ethnicities living here (including some Thais). Just like many other Malaysian states Perak consists of not so large Malay majority and big Chinese and Indian communities living in peace.

When it comes to climate, sunny and warm weather is what you can usually expect in Perak and a constant temperature of 23 C to 33 C throughout the year. Of course the level of humidity is very high.

Perak was a very wealthy region and that’s why a lot of conquerors wanted to have it. People lived here even from the prehistoric times. When it comes to organized state at first it started as a Hindu-Malay Kingdom. After that it was part of the Malacca Sultanate until in the early 16th century it was conquered by the Dutch. It was a long colonial period and because of the ore deposits the Dutch didn’t plan to live Perak although they’ve met a lot of resistance here. In the 18th century however Perak was partially independent and in 19th century Acehnese, Thai and Bugis tried to conquer it but the British intervened and Perak became part of their sphere of interest. In this period the British allowed a lot of Chinese immigrants to come here and help with the ore mining. Perak was under British influence until it finally gains independence as part of the new Malaysian State in 1963.

Tourism is a well developed industry in Perak and tourists from all over Malaysia and the world enjoy being here because of the friendly people and the attractions that Perak has to offer. The capital Ipoh is a very interesting place. It is famous for its cuisine.

Another place worth visiting is Pangkor Island a popular Malaysian tourist destination. This island has a lot of resorst and fishing villages where you can see the traditional Malaysian way of life. The best beaches here are Teluk Nipah and Pasir Bogak because of the beautiful sand and the crystal clear waters.

If you are interested in colonial architecture Kellie’s Castle will certain leave you a lot of impressions if you decide to visit this castle. It was built by a Scottish planter in the beginning of the 20th century. He was known for his good relations with his workers and he even built a Hindu shrine for them while they built a statue for him.

We have mentioned the cuisine of Perak which is very popular among Malays and these are some of the special dishes you should try – Lemang. Tempoyak, Sar Hor Fun (silky noodles in soup) etc.

Perak is a great place for tourists, but for people that want to stay in Malaysia for a little bit more.