- One of the smallest states in Malaysia and it is situated on both mainland and one island (Penang Island). Just like almost every other region in Malaysia, Penang is home to people from different ethnic background.

Penang : The Pearl Of Malaysia

When we talk about culture, Penang is known for the many museums and festivals that it has. For example, lots of seasonal exhibits are displayed in the Penang State Museum. The Penang State Art Gallery is an interesting place where you can witness the talents of mostly local artists. The Penang State Orchestra and Chorus is one of the most respected institutions in whole Malaysia with years of tradition.

Besides modern culture, people living in Penang have their own customs and the most interesting ones include the so-called boria – a type of Malayan dancing and singing that can be found only here and the famous Lion dance which is performed in every Chinese community in Asia but since the Chinese community here lives for centuries it has some unique elements.

Penang is also famous for its carnivals and festivals. Chingay is a Penang Festival linked with the celebration of Chinese New Year. Because of its popularity among Chinese community in Penang it was later adopted by the Chinese people living across Malaysia. George Town festival lasts a little bit longer. This one month festival is held in honor of the heritage, arts and culture of Penang.

Since we have mentioned George Town it is worth mentioning that this city which is the capital of Penang is probably the best way to see how flawlessly multiculturalism works in Malaysia. This city is considered to be the most beautiful and most picturesque place in whole Malaysia. It was founded in 1826 by British national Francis Light in order to serve as a trading port because of its good position.

But nowadays George Town is the heart of Penang province. There are different districts here – Little China, Indian District, Colonial District etc. but what makes the city really interesting is that you can find different religious objects in all these districts. For example Kapitan Keling mosque is located in the centre of the Indian district and worshipers there don’t have any troubles. This speaks about the cosmopolitism of the people living here.

Another thing that makes Malaysia good for any foreigner is its cuisine. There are some amazing variations of Malay, Indian and Chinese cuisine and even a cuisine of the indigenous people of Borneo that will make every person that enjoys good food happy. Everyone can find what suits him. Rice is the most common basis for all the meals but it is really the different types of meat and spices that are used that makes this food so delicious.

There are many things to visit in Penang. Some of the most notable attractions include – Cannon street in George Town (take a walk on this vivid street – drink coffee, visit the temples, witness some amazing art), Penang Hill (one of the best places where you can view the beauty of Penang), Pinang Peranakan Museum, The Camera Museum, Clan Jetties etc.