The third largest state in Malaysia is located in the central part of Malayan Peninsula and it is used as a crossroad for various Malaysian states.

Pahang : Wide Arrays Of Natural

Pahang is bordering with six other states and this area is known for the Pahang River basin.

The population is a little bit more compact when it comes to ethnicity with 75% of the population being Malayan Muslims but a significant number of Chinese (175) and Indians (45) are also present. It has a population of 1,4 million people and the interesting thing is that 5% of these people are foreigners. This comes as a result of the relatively developed economy in Pahang state which attracts foreign workers from the neighboring Asian countries.

Human presence was registered on Pahang as early as 10.000 BC which were living nomadic lives, but later it became popular because of the gold and the timber which attracted people from around the region. Pahang has a very turbulent history especially during the 16th century when the Portuguese, the Dutch, Aceh and Johor fought for dominance in this region. Later it was briefly under British rule. But Pahang joined the Federation of Malaya and later gained independence as a part of the Malaysian state in 1963.

Because of its beautiful nature like the two well-known lakes ¨C Tasik Bera and Tasik Chini, dense rainforests and the beautiful and picturesque coastal area, people from around Malaysia and from Asia often visit Pahang. The climate is no different from the rest of the states in the Malayan peninsula.

The different traditional communities plus the indigenous people living in Pahang are an ideal image of the harmonic life that people in Malaysia have. They were coexisting peacefully for years, they radiate with tolerance and common respect. People here are very open-minded and accept strangers easily and you will be surprised how friendly these people are no matter where you come from. The signs of this mixed and unique culture can be found everywhere from the dialect and beliefs to the food and games.

There are many international hotels that can help every visitor explore this region and as we have mentioned before there are a lot of things to see and experience here. If you ever decide to go to Pahang we suggest you see some of the following things:

Cherating Beach ¨C Located on the east coast of Malaysia this beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in whole Malaysia.

Pekan ¨CIt was once used as a royal city and that¡¯s why you can see lots of interesting old buildings that witness that period.

Lake Chini ¨C Besides the natural beauty of the lake, this lake is interesting because of the legend of the lake monster ¨C a Malaysian version of Loch Ness monster.

Taman Negara ¨C This place is great for all the people that love forests, especially rainforests. This is a perfect opportunity to explore them.