Negeri Sembilan

Negeri Sembilan

Negeri Sembilan is located in the west part of the Peninsular Malaysia. It borders four other states – Pahang, Selangor, Malacca and Johor. Negeri Sembilan is very near to the capital Kuala Lumpur and a lot of tourists that go to Kuala Lumpur have the opportunity to check what this state has to offer.

Negeri Sembilan

Although it is relatively small state (6.600 km2) it has a population of around 1.000.000 people and its population is very diverse. A lot of things make Negeri Sembilan unique – starting from the very democratic political system and ending with the customs.

Throughout the history there were a lot of interesting things going on here. First this region was settled by people from Sumatra, later it was conquered by Malacca and Johor. Negeri Sembilan was a region where few smaller states appeared during the 18th and 19th century and it was shortly under British rule. Finally in 1963 it became a state of independent Malaysia.

55% of the population are Malays, 24% Chinese, 15% are Indians while there is a significant number of other minorities – 5% which makes Negeri Sembilan one of the states with most mixed population. The specific position and the resources that this state has resulted in such ethnic diversity because a lot of people wanted to settle here.

This state is rich with water – waterfalls, rivers, clear streams and it has a lot of potential for agricultural and eco-tourism. Besides that potential Negeri Sembilan has already developed its coastal area where there are lots of resorts on the sandy beaches where you can enjoy the Straits of Malacca. In fact most of the state’s income comes from tourism. In the recent years there are many foreign tourists that visit Negeri Sembilan.

There are many attractions that make this state even more popular among tourists and these are some of them:

Port Dickson Beach – Actually this place has more than one beach that is popular for both people living in the nearby cities and people from across Malaysia. This place is completely developed, it has lots of hotels, beautiful beaches and necessary infrastructure. A really modern tourist spot.

Kampung Pelegong Homestay – If you want to feel the real spirit of the traditional Malayan village we suggest you visit this place. There is no better way to find out how traditional Malayans live other than spending few days in the home of one of these families. These villages are not like any other villages you have seen before. Enjoy the nature while you enjoy the traditional Malayan cuisine.

Sri Mentani Palace – Negeri Sembilan has a royal capital – Sri mentani. This palace was once used by the king but now it is a museum. It is build only from wood which makes its architecture very unique.

Gunung Datuk – This is a relatively small mountain but the view that it offers is worth the climb. The path goes through a dense jungle but once you are on top you will be able to witness some amazing views.