Malaysia Truly Asia

- a place where you can witness the beauty of diversity.Multiculturalism and diverse traditions, religions and cultures give Malaysia a special tone, energy and vibrancies that can't be found on any other place in the world.

Malaysia : Truly Asia

The preserved untouched nature, impressive look of the jungles and rainforests and modern big cities complete the picture of this beautiful country and it is no wonder why many people choose Malaysia to be their home although they were not born there.

Although we often hear news about violence in this part of the world, the truth is that Malaysia unlike other neighboring countries doesn't suffer from any kind of violence (ethnic or any other kind of violence) because people here get along very well no matter what religion they practice. Even the common natural disasters for East Asia are something that is happening very rarely here. These are some of the reasons why foreigners who come to Malaysia feel relaxed and enjoy the untouched nature, picturesque countryside and rich culture. Malaysia is a land of contrasts which is currently developing very fast but people still stick to their traditional values and ways of life.

Malaysia was one of the Asian countries that gain independence relatively late in 1963 and parts of Malaysia were ruled by different European empires like ¨C English, Dutch and Portuguese. That is why the colonial legacy can be seen all around the country. However the Malayans have kept their specific spirit, charm and diversity. Malaysia is truly blessed with magnificent beaches, beautiful islands, and crystal clear waters with rich wildlife and mysterious rainforests which are a real delight for all adventurers. There are a lot of natural attractions in Malaysia like Cameron Highlands (mountainous area with strawberry farms and tea plantations), Langwaki Island with one of the most beautiful beaches in the world or Borneo Island with the different animal species (some of them can be found only here and much more.

The capital Kuala Lumpur is a subtle mixture of the traditional and modern, just like whole Malaysia. There are many luxurious hotels, shopping malls and modern buildings. The architecture is a mixture of Western and traditional Asian architecture that will give you a sense of belonging no matter where you come from. You can visit the oldest district of Kuala Lumpur ¨C Bahru district where you can still see authentic wooden Malayan houses or you can visit the Little China or Little India districts that will lead you in a whole different world without leaving the city. Malaysia is mainly Muslim country with significant number of Hindus and Buddhist

Malaysia is mainly Muslim country with significant number of Hindus and Buddhist living there. People from different religions are living in harmony for decades and you won't witness any discrimination when it comes to religious believes.

Another thing that makes Malaysia good for any foreigner is its cuisine. There are some amazing variations of Malay, Indian and Chinese cuisine and even a cuisine of the indigenous people of Borneo that will make every person that enjoys good food happy. Everyone can find what suits him. Rice is the most common basis for all the meals but it is really the different types of meat and spices that are used that makes this food so delicious.