Johor: The Beauty Of The South

Johor is the southernmost Malaysian state located on the Malay Peninsula. This state is one of the richest states in Malaysia and recently a lot of money was invested in its development zones.

Johor : The Beauty Of The South

It has a population of over 3 million people and besides the Muslim Malayan majority there is big Indian, Chinese and even Christian community which makes the region even more interesting since all these communities live together and each of them accepts something from the other communities.

Johor region has rich history and because of its specific position it was invaded by different armies in the last few centuries, but mostly it was under Portuguese and Dutch rule. Since 1948 it became part of Federation of Malaya and part of the Malaysian state which gained independence in 1957.When it comes to climate, Johor is no different from the neighboring regions and it has tropical climate with monsoon appearance but they usually don¡¯t cause any serious damage.

Recently Johor has become interesting for tourists from around the globe mainly because of its cultural and natural attractions and its closeness with Singapore. It is connected with Singapore with two roads and a railway which makes the access to Johor very easy for all the visitors that plan to make a short detour from their visit to Singapore.

Because of the high number of different communities that reside here, Johor has a unique culture that started to develop with the coming of the Bugis ¨C the first ethnic group that populated this area and continued to populate the rest of Malaysia over the years. After the Bugis it was the Javanese and the Arabs that visited Johor and left a strong influence in this region. Arabs have left especially strong influence and even today there are places with Arabic names and even some musical instruments like Hamdolok and Zapin that are still used here and that came from the homeland of the Arabs.

People that live here have their own Malayan language dialect that was developed due to the closeness of some neighboring influential regions. Because of the colonial period it is not strange to find many people that speak well some of the Western languages.

We have mentioned that Johor has some unique attractions (both natural and cultural) so we would like to present you some of them.

Johor Bahru is the capital of Johor and it is the second largest city in Malaysia. Most of the attractions are linked with it. If you like a good view and colonial architecture then you will certainly like the State Secretariat Building that is located on a hill and that gives a beautiful view of the city and the region. Dataran Bandaray is the central square where you can find lots of shopping malls. For all the people that love nature there are few national parks and the most famous one is Endau-Rompin National park home of the endemic Sumatran rhinoceros. There are dozens of old mosques, wats and other temples across the state.